Design Is For Everyone

Creativity and collaboration are key to defining and solving problems. 

Nairobi Design Week is sharing, collaborating and learning together with our community to make design accessible to all.

Afrikan Design to the World!

By taking part in international events such as the London Design Biennale, or sitting at the table with global design organisations, we are creating more space in the international design community for Afrikan design.

We also have a podcast, called ‘Afrika, Design!, which is available across all major platforms. Hear it here.

Learn & Solve through Design.

We are committed to providing the environment and resources that the local community of designers and creatives needs to thrive. Our free Directory allow individuals and organisations to promote their work and activities.

We work on several projects with our community every year to show the impact of design.



Above everything else, we focus on our community, and learning from them.

All year round, we create content and share community news on this website and our other digital platforms, support events and exhibits, facilitate workshops and more.


We focus on working with a small number of clients, who value our approach to discovering and solving problems through design thinking and creative direction.

NDW has a constantly growing network of creative talent to support these projects.


Once a year, we bring the community together to learn about their work under that year’s leading theme.

The festival is a celebration of their achievements, and a platform to start or continue short and long term projects.


Our love for design, and experience across the creative industries has led us to develop several standalone projects with community partners.

These include the Refugees’ Pavilion at the London Design Biennale 2018 and The Urban Residency and #PaintTheCourt.

Founder & Director

Nairobi Design Week, 2014- Present