A Team and Creative Strategy to serve 6+ million customers across 50+ countries.

I was hired by the CMO to build a team and propose a creative strategy for one of the biggest solar customer bases on the planet: Greenlight Planet.

This included creative direction and campaigns, customer and investor presentation decks, improved shopping experiences for customers, office & shop design, fresh packaging and a revised brand identity.

sun king pico tiny solar lamp
sun king home solar system

Iconic Sun King

Loved by customers and sellers alike for their design and durability, Sun King lamps are visible in villages across Kenya, India and Guatemala. To imbue this across the range of products, I designed an unforgettable icon set for sales collateral, packaging and instructions, and digital platforms .

It is still used to this day.

Communicate Globally & Locally.

The role required gathering insights from stakeholders at every level, including customers, shopkeepers, staff and partners. I learned a lot.


  • Focus a decentralised brand identity scattered between 5 continents.
  • Brief independent creatives across multiple continents for consistent results.
  • Define solar for a generation of users.


  • Turn 100 pages of writing and statistics into an engaging, crisp deck for investors.
  • Create instruction manuals that communicate vital information to an entire subcontinent.

I designed the first retail store, to serve as a blueprint for the global locations that followed.

CAD concept for sun king retail store

Greenlight Planet now have 60+ retail stores in Kenya and have sold 10+ million products globally.

Global Creative Director

Greenlight Planet, 2016